Analytical Articles on Mah-Jong

This site will be devoted to game of MAH-JONG. Rules are mostly CO ("Chinese Official") though it might be of use for un-American styles also.

In particular, through extensive calculations some items were identified and quantified adding knowledge on Mah-Jong game strategy.

I share my findings and I am sure that ultimately it might help to cope with real table problems.

As some examples-teasers I ask you to answer the following questions:

·        Why two-suiter B33345 C55567 calls for 4 tiles?

·        How many waits is “Nine Gates” (1112345678999)?

·        What are most popular “Scoring Elements” to finish hand (under “CO” Rules)?

·        Having 22222111 what is do better: to Pung or to collect “Seven Pairs”?

·        For how long you should wait until needed tile comes during the game?

·        Etc.

At this very site you would find answers for above questions and much more..


P.S. Some places may be under construction.


Major Pieces of Analysis

Waits Analysis

Both cases or “Single-Suited Wait” and “Two-Suited Wait” have been studied thoroughly to deliver tables and ideas. Innovative notion of “Chameleon” have been introduced.

Thousand Hands Statistics

More than 1000 (!) hands were played in “Four Winds”. Scores were placed into database and analyzed in details.

Draws Analysis  New!  

Entirely NEW approach is offered for AT_THE_TABLE estimations of calling/ drawing toward hand patterns.   

Bits and Pieces

Simply Download and Play!

Some hands were played in “Four Winds” software. Those hands were saved and classified accordingly.

Start Starting hand featuring many Honors, or Pairs, or weird distribution.

Dilemma Usually a problem with many ways to continue.

Scoring elements examples As stated you can find specific hand according to Rules.

Alas! Everything looked fine. You did nothing wrong. Except … some other wins!

Essays and Forum Threads

Stand-alone analytical essays and references to forum threads could be found here.


You are offered to answer questions to know better MJ community.


MJ humor.

“Information Desk”

Rules, links, references etc.

Future Plans

Click here to see ideas for future projects.



Some kind of disclaimer: All materials are for evaluation and informational purposes only. Main intent of the site is to deliver extra knowledge of the Game of Mah-Jong to players. Author pursues no commercial interest for third parties. Any errors and misinformation would be corrected immediately.

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