Bits and Pieces

References to forum threads discussing stand-alone issues all-around Game of MJ could be found here.

A. Theoretical Issues

1. To Pung or Not to Pung?

??: What to do having 4 or 5 Pairs: go for 7 Pairs or to Pung?

2. Hunt for "Safe" Discard

??: Which set to choose from to catch 14th tile (12 are completed): entirely untouched set, with 1 discard or with 2 discards?


3. The Principle WHATS IMPLIED IS NOT COUNTED might be revised?

??: More clear definition of the stated principle should be imposed.


B. Scoring

1. Theoretical Maximum in CO

??: What is theoretical maximum of points winner can get under CO Rules?


2. Two Kongs Scoring

??: How to score Concealed Kong + Melded Kong?


3. Chow-Based Rules in CO

??: Why some Chow-based combinations score for 3 pts. only?


C. Tournaments

1. Handicap System in Mah-Jong

??: Does MJ has a handicap system? Could one be developed much like the golf handicap system?


2. A Vision on MJ Tournament Judging Routine

??: Ideas for helding MJ tournaments based on experience from other games.


3. Ranking and Classifications

??: Ideas how Ranking and Classification in MJ might be carried based on experience from other games.


D. Variety

1. Ways to Handle 3-P/ 2-P Game in CO

??: Is there a way to organize MJ play for 2 or 3 players under CO Rules?


2. MJ Goulash -- "Through the Looking Glass"

??: How to get never-seen MJ hands?



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